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Updated: Oct 25, 2018

When ever I consider taking advise from anyone I like to be sure they can relate to me. I personally wouldn't use a fitness coach that was obese, just my thing. So what gives me the right to give you pointers on health or living a healthy life? That's me in the picture, yes I am in the hospital at 198 lbs. It was shortly after my new years resolution to be healthier. A run on the treadmill resulted in chest pains, the tests all turned out negative for heart attack but look at me, would anyone be surprised if I did have one? I'll also share with you all that a few months prior I had finally quit a 30 year chewing tobacco habit, yes it can be done if you really want to. Spending the day in the hospital opened my eyes, I started to take my health a little more serious. I started researching diets and my search for "the perfect human diet" began. I started out vegetarian because everything I read said that fat was bad and eventually went full vegan. The problem with reading about diets online is most of the information is incomplete, an example is most information you get about becoming vegan is pretty strait forward, "stop eating animal sourced products". I will have a future blog post getting into more detail about different diets but for now I'll just say if you decide to be a vegan make sure you supplement, I didn't. In my efforts to become more healthy I also became anemic. My personal choice was to search again for the "perfect human diet". This is were I found the Primal Health Coach Institute. Eating a diet more like our ancestors made sense to me and my body has responded in a very positive way. So that's the short version of my story and some pictures to show my progress. Again, there will be more blog posts about my journey.


198 pounds, This is pre primal hippie me. standard american diet

A year after my hospital stay, Primal Diet roughly 80% of my calories are from fat.


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