• Bradley Nickell


I am one of those people that has to have a plan when it comes to getting things done. I'm also trying to live more spontaneously, so the result is six months without a blog post. A lot of things going on right now is probably a slight understatement, from personal to globally. I've continued to work on myself, testing some new to me concepts. I've been struggling a lot lately with some.....well lets call them rules. Things we've accepted to be the way it should be for generations, have started to not really resonate with me. I've really started to question everything and look at life more from an observers standpoint. Stopped worrying about "right and wrong" and sort of just lived to enjoy life. Obviously there are things that you shouldn't do but as long as you aren't hurting anyone does it really matter?

The garden? It is on the verge of booming right now. Zucchini is coming on strong and I just read a recipe for fermented zucchini kraut and of course I have to try it. I'm also trying out zucchini chips and some spaghetti style to freeze but reviews are mixed on that so I'll give my experience after I try it. The bugs continue to be an issue and I still refuse to use "seven". I've had some luck with various neem based sprays and dusts but I've lost a couple zucchini plants so i'm not sure if i'm winning that battle or not. I did plant two weeks later this year and i also made a new garden so I can plant more plants in hopes that i'll be able to have a lot of vegetables despite the bugs. From the amount of zucchini and cucumbers I'm picking daily I'd say its at least helping. I've also dedicated a section of my garage for new shelving for canned veggies. My main goal this summer is to keep up with the garden and make it a large part of the food I eat....updates to come.

You didn't think I would write an entire post and not mention the Covid pandemic did you? As a certified Health Coach it baffles me that we aren't seeing anything in the news about immune health or metabolic health. Everything I've seen or heard on the news is about prevention, which in my opinion, its a little late for that. I've heard multi times people talking about the death of a "healthy" person from it. What was there blood pressure, did they have a few extra pounds around the belly, what was their

cholesterol levels? I"m not huge on strict following of these markers but they do play a factor in overall health. Stress and diet and sleep all play a major part of your immune health also, so consider those points when you hear about "healthy" people. In the amount of time we've been talking about this pandemic you could have corrected all of these factors but the media doesn't seem to want to talk about that. There are a few very good podcasts that have the data and sciency stuff so my advice is to inform yourself and stop watching the news and that's the end of my rant on that point. What I've personally got out of this, is how unprepared I am for a pandemic. I never actually got close to running out of anything, including toilet paper but I did realize how fragile the system could be. I spent a lot of time on gardening and done a little bit of canning but never as a way to save money on groceries or to be prepared for a pandemic. I've decided to really put forth an effort this year to keep up with the garden and make it an actual source of food for winter. For me it gives me a motivator and also its a pretty good feeling to open a jar and get a taste of garden fresh in the middle of winter.

There are a people at both ends of the spectrum, the "oh its just a flu" people to the "its the end of the world" people, mask nazi's and people that refuse to wear a mask because its against their rights as an American. Do what makes you feel safe and let other people do the same. There are no hard facts when it comes to this, everyone has their own opinion, even the "experts "change daily. I'm trying to be prepared as best as I can and continuing to live my happy hippie life.



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