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A Day In The Sun

spending the day outside yesterday reminded me of how important the sun is.

Over the past week I was really struggling on a topic for my next blog. I thought about updating my progress, or more like lack of progress on my goal for a 7 minute mile or the continuing cold weather keeping me stuck inside and I honestly just kind of gave up. I sent a text to my sister and said that I didn't care what the weather was like I was working outside, I had to get out of the house, the blog could wait. I put on multiple layers of clothes and waited for daylight. I've been talking about pruning my fruit trees for awhile so that was first on my list, I took a quick class from google university and grabbed my pruning tools and out the door I went. Have you ever gone outside and could just smell spring? I'm not saying it was warm out by any means, I think it was still under thirty degrees but the sun was out, I noticed a blue jay digging in my pine needles looking for food, my chickens were out of the barn and raiding a wagon of manure I cleaned out but haven't dumped yet, and I took a deep breath and almost instantly I was in a better place. I took a walk around the yard and noticed spring flowers starting to make their way up through the ground and that just added to my enthusiasm, a new season is coming soon and mother nature was showing me the signs. The tree trimming went a lot faster than I expected so I had to think of other chores to keep me outside, which really wasn't hard to do, with all the high winds we've had over the past couple weeks, there were tree limbs down everywhere. I've also decide this year, in my search for a more organized yard, to down size the deck to make room for more berries, not decided on what yet but the deck isn't a priority anymore. I grabbed a stack of papers that had been piling up in the garage and out I went to start the first cleansing fire of the year. The deck and pool area had become quite cluttered over the years and I've really neglected it so that's where I spent my day. I grabbed the saw, a big sledge hammer and crow bar and spent a good eight hours doing some wholesale demolition and bon fire making. I didn't get everything done that needs to be done but I made one hell of a dent in it and it felt good. The sun was out for most of the day and although I wasn't able to go shirtless like I normally do to really soak up the vitamin D, It was a great feeling.

As I'm sitting here, the day after, typing this blog my muscles are a little sore but not in a bad way. I feel like I did some real physical work yesterday and it feels good. My old man pains even feel a little bit better today. This time of year it's really hard to stay positive. The lack of sun and staying indoors takes a toll on people both physically and mentally, there are studies that show that a lack of sun can and does cause depression in a lot of people and though I'm generally a pretty upbeat person I can see that. I've been thinking about a lot of things lately, and really been struggling and I know that its from being inside waiting for the sun to come out. Supplements and tanning beds might help some people this time of year but there really is no substitute for the sun. I've been reading a lot of post talking about the mood right now because of the stars and their position in the sky and I do follow astrology to a point but I also blame your "mood" on being inside, hiding from the sun your whole life. Depression and anxiety are real, I've personally dealt with panic attacks over the past two years but I wonder sometimes how many prescriptions could be eliminated if people would put down the game controller or tv remote and go sit outside for an hour a day in the sun. I wonder how much of our problems are self induced and really have a simple solution....

Sometimes we just need to reset. We live in a fast paced world, full of stress and we can ignore it if we choose but eventually it catches up with us, all of us. Vacations aren't always possible. So this week I challenge you all to spend 15 minutes in the sun, breath in and relax and add a little free vitamin D to your happy hippie life...

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