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A New Challenge

One of our finds at the antique mall

Last week I finally decided to take a day away from the blog. Everything I've read says consistency is the key but since I'm not blogging for money I guess my rules are a little more lenient. I would add to the list of rules that if your not feeling like writing, your readers will know so maybe its ok to take a break. Last Friday was another nice day outside so I got some more spring cleaning out of the way and made some visual plans on where my new mini vineyard will be. Saturday we spent the day shopping some antique malls and hitting Rural King and visiting "Mystic Beads", a local spiritual/metaphysic/hippie shop that I would highly recommend, the owners are very friendly and helpful and the shop has a great hippie vibe. The weekend felt a lot like a little vacation and it was a lot of fun to just get away even if it was just for the day.

Its no secret to anyone who knows me about my opinion on our healthcare system. I've personally had some very bad experiences with doctors and recently a surgeon who can very skillfully remove an organ and yet know nothing about the functions of that organ, or cancer doctors that give advice on the need to "gain weight" but not mention the fact that sugar feeds cancer. I respect the amount of time someone dedicates to becoming a doctor and I'm sure for the most part helping people is the main goal but I also think schools should teach the natural alternatives to the prescription drugs handed out like candy. Maybe teach what all the functions of each organ in the body is instead of thinking that certain ones aren't needed. At least be able to give the individual all the information so they can be informed on all the options. With that said I have to say that I see a change happening. I have to give a more personal shout out to my Doctor, Dr. Lindy Sergeant for two reasons, one, apparently in a previous blog I mentioned her in a very generic way and also for the fact that she is very open minded in her practice. My visits are more like going to talk to a friend than going for an yearly check up. That's the relationship everyone should have with their doctor, it should never be a one sided "this is what you have to do" conversation. Your doctor a lot of times has more personal information than anyone else in your life, it makes sense to be able to trust them like a friend, right? Dr Sergeant, after listening to my list of herbal supplements I take, asked me if they helped with my pain. More specifically the turmeric, she knew it was an anti inflammatory and she has also used her laptop for a quick research during one of my visits that shows me that she is at least open to alternative methods and is willing to listen. Your health is up to you, and your doctor should be there to help. So if your doctor's solution to everything is a prescription, I would recommend looking for a new doctor. The other positive thing happened recently, and the reason I have another health tool is that where my wife works they have a website where you can do things like eat right, exercise and things like that to help with insurance cost, I think..lol. Anyway there is a part where you can sync a fitbit to keep track for you. As a health coach, I would highly recommend a fitness tracker for everyone interested in their health and a place of employment giving people rewards for being healthy is a huge step in the right direction. There is even a part I was reading about meditation for stress management, no drug suggestions just a simple exercise that everyone can and should be doing. Had to share that because it's exciting news for me to see a positive change in health care.

Through following and signing up with health and nutrition based sites my inbox is flooded daily with the latest information on health and nutrition and the newest "miracle herb" or the newest "diet" to help you cure "x". I really started thinking about the supplements I use and the amount of money I'm spending on them, and is there a food source I can use instead. How many of these people are trying to help you or are they trying to make some money. Cbd oil is big right now, and I use it for anxiety and pain relief and I've had great luck with it but now there are thousands of companies making oils and pills and can you really trust them to be pure, or organic or even have cbd in them. The Keto diet is another one that has exploded in the past few years. There are hundreds of books and versions of keto now. I still say its too restrictive for a lifestyle but now there are easier alternatives to make it more user friendly and that to me is a red flag. I read a comment on social media the other day, a doctor commented that if you eat a balanced diet you don't need a multi vitamin. I would say with modern factory farming methods and our depleted soil I would like to see the nutritional value of foods now compared to a hundred years ago, might be a research project for me, Also regardless of what you eat taking a multi vitamin in my opinion is like insurance, but do we really need them to be healthy? Look at the supplement isle at your grocery store and tell me there isn't money involved. Probiotic supplements are everywhere now too and again are they worth the price for convenience, after all there are soil based probiotics in the dirt you play in when your gardening. My point, before I start to sound like a conspiracy theorist, is do we really need all these supplements? The biggest reason I decided to follow a primal\paleo lifestyle is because it makes sense. Its based on how humans survived in order to get where we are today, if it didn't work we wouldn't be here, seems like pretty good proof to me. The grocery store and the invention of refrigeration and supplements give us options, now you can choose any diet you want. I like to use the vegan in Alaska to prove a point but I would even say a vegan in Indiana before refrigeration or grocery stores for most people would be almost impossible. Native Americans ate meat to survive here so its kind of a tough argument to say we aren't meant to eat meat, but you have that option now because we have modern appliances and supplements but is it healthy? Is a vitamin D pill made in a lab as healthy and effective as the vitamin D from the sun? These are all the things I think about....so...

My new challenge: To be less reliant on the grocery store and modern methods and supplements.

No, I am not going to be a doomsday prepper, no offence if you are but that's not my goal. No, I am not becoming Amish and again no offence to the Amish because I love their more simple lifestyle, and I am going to try and steal some of that but I'm not ready to give up lights yet. My plan is to eat what I can grow, raise, hunt, fish, and gather and share my progress with all of you. Its an experiment not only about diet but a more holistic approach to living, a kind of hippie spiritual re connecting with the earth and myself and lets see what kind of health benefits it has. It also gives me a chance to learn new gardening and preserving skills. If meijer has a great sale on organic vegetables I'm there and I'll still use thrive for some things but for the most part I want to see how possible it is in 2019 to live off the land without supplements. We have wellness check ups through my wife's work so tracking the numbers will be easy. My arthritis will tell me if i'm eating foods that cause inflammation and my anxiety will tell me if i'm more relaxed and my family might think I've finally lost it...ha! So have a great week and do what ever it takes to find your happy hippie life.....


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