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When I first decided I was going to try and write a blog I researched about the "right" way

The Source of life

to do it. There are blogs about blogs with some good information. Being consistent so your readers know when your next post will be is one of those, so every Friday morning I sit down at my laptop and write. Another idea from some was that before you start a blog you should sit down and make a list of at least fifty topics to blog about.. At first I agreed with this, its pretty hard to write a blog every Friday without a topic. So I started writing down ideas and came up with about twenty and decided that would keep me going for a while and I would add to the list daily. A few months into my blog and I've already changed my thought of the purpose and I've yet to use a single topic on my list. I decided that I was going to be less formal, actually casual would be a great word to describe it. My subject ideas come from living, I've started talking and listening to people and so far its worked. When you start paying attention and participating in the world around you, you end up with a lot to say.

I've been threatening to do a blog on spirituality for a few weeks now and been putting it off for a couple reasons. One is because I've been moved to blog about other topics because of the time of year and comments that people have made that have stuck with me. Another reason is I believe its hard for people to be open minded when discussing anything to do with religion so I was trying to think of a neutral way of writing about it, and what I've come up with is that its almost impossible. I'm not here to cause a debate or lose friends but I also believe if I'm going to blog about truly finding your happy place the subject has to come up.

A friend of mine passed away this week, and I will admit I didn't know him for a long time but he did leave an impression on me. He was a free spirit, a person who could have been the picture on wikipedia next to "hippie". He lived his life pretty much on his own terms and I respect that. When someone passes away its natural to have questions about your own life, your own mortality. Questions about your purpose or if there is one. What if we are just a random collection of lives created by some explosion in the sky and we live and die based on random decisions that we make. There are people that believe this and I respectfully disagree with it. I don't believe in random chance. I believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. I believe even the simplest events have a purpose. I am writing this blog for a reason, and your are reading if for a reason. The search for something more or a higher power to me is the definition of spirituality and I think we are connected to that higher power and I think that's the reason that eventually everyone will think about it, even if it happens on their death bed.

Religion on the other hand is in my mind the rules and regulations and the cause of thousands of years of wars. I write my blog with the goal of bringing happiness, so why would I possibly want to touch on a subject that is so touchy? Well its because I think its one of the keys to happiness. The problem is ego and labels, and if we could let go of both we could be a lot happier people. The desire to be right is one of the biggest obstacles to being happy. I'm going to make a couple points not to change anyone but more to make people think.

There was a time in history when people lived in small groups, close to other groups but separate. Their beliefs and Gods were similar but different, probably a lot has to do with location. The lack of a name of their religion wasn't because they didn't have beliefs it was because there wasn't a need for a name, it was just what they believed and all was good. Then came another group of people that decided that the entire world should believe in only one idea and if you didn't believe what they did you needed to die....We all know this story because it is history and centers around ego and the desire to be right. I avoid discussions of religion because my beliefs are just that, I don't have to be right or put a label on it. My belief is based around love and respect for every living thing on this planet because we all co exist and have the same rights. That is a very simplified version but isn't that similar to all beliefs? I have often told people that insist on changing my mind to prove that their way is right without using any books or ideas that came from a book. Take a couple minutes to think about that. Are we really that different in our ideas? What if we are all talking about the same things with different names, without a book no one can prove anything and why do you need to?

I believe in order to really be happy it is important to believe you have a purpose, and I also believe that it is important to be around people that you can talk to about what you believe without being judged, this is especially true in times of need. I'm no expert but if you want to use a book I believe that I have seen the word "love" at least twice in the christian bible. When someone you love on earth passes on, it does make it easier knowing that they have moved on to a better place, to be with their creator what ever the name of that creator is. With out going into a rant that about sums it up for now. Every day lets think of one way to love more and judge less, being different doesn't mean you are wrong and being right all the time can lead to a very lonely life.

Until next week, have a happy hippie life.

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