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After the Break

November. Wow has it been that long? It always seems like summer goes by so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was talking about how good it would feel to finally get out in the garden. Maybe if I loved the cold and snow as much as I liked the warm weather and the sun and the pool winter would go by faster.....perspectives.

Pre Hippie Fest....got the locs done finally :D

I've taken a long time to start blogging again because a lot of the topics I want to talk about are a bit esoteric. So yes a lot had to do with my fear of what people will think but here we are at the door of 2020, so I decided its time to live my life, hows that saying go "create the best you"? I feel like I need to lean more towards the spiritual side of life with my blog, I still believe in a holistic lifestyle but talking with people it seems to me like there is a lot of them that are looking for something that makes sense. There are a lot of people that are stuck in the "its all pointless" mindset and I'm not saying it will but maybe one of my perspectives will be the one that makes the difference. I've started to get tarot card readings and one of the points that have came up multiple times is speaking my truth, so at the risk of being burned at the stake I'm going to do this.

I say this often in my posts, and I'm going to continue to remind everyone that these are my opinions and beliefs based off of personal experience. I read a lot and listen to podcasts on spiritual topics daily and I don't always agree with all of what they say and these are ideas that are coming from the top names in the spiritual world. We are all on our own path at our own pace so it makes sense that not everything is going to make sense to someone else at that moment. Three years ago, quantum physics wasn't a subject that I would not have even thought about, and now a lot of the concepts make sense to me. I believe that a lot of the main stream religions and spiritual teachings are very limiting and we need to consider the time when these ideas were created. I believe that the key to really understanding your path is an open mind and a daily meditation/prayer practice. I wish I would follow my own advice and keep a journal so I could use it as a reference but my twitter account is full of short after meditation thoughts,and little "a ha" moments that are made clear to me. The biggest bit of advice I can give on finding your own path is to use your intuition and don't dismiss ideas just because they don't fit your belief system at that moment. A perfect example of this for me is when I first started blogging and talking about spiritual ideas I would intentionally try to keep my terms neutral. I refused to use the word "god" or "pray" because of the christian connotation but now I use them quite often because of my growth. I understand now that the labels we put on things are a way that we as humans can visualize and make ideas real to us. What do you think when you hear the word god, you probably picture a bigger than life human figure that glows like the sun or at least, to be honest that's what the picture in my head is. That's what we do so we can understand things because our human minds don't have the ability to grasp the concept of what god/source/creator really is. I'll go into more detail in later blog posts but because of where I am personally in my journey there are ideas that I can't put into words anymore because I see how inadequate the words are, two of those are god and love. When I hear those words now its an overwhelming emotion that I can't describe......its an energetic feeling that we don't have words for.

One last thing I want to say for those of you still reading and before I take you down the rabbit hole with me is this, what ever I choose to share are my beliefs. The point of it isn't to bring up a topic for debate or to prove in anyway that I'm right and your wrong. So if you read my blog and see me walking down the street or want to connect with me online I am always willing to discuss my beliefs with anyone open minded enough to hear them, If however you want to connect and explain to me that you are "right" please don't waste my time. I believe being "right" is an ego based human concept that you outgrow the more spiritually mature you become. Right and wrong are perspectives. They are based on rules you were taught growing up by the adults in your life. Is eating meat right? How about eating a cat or dog? It depends on where you were raised. I spent my summer dealing with an onslaught of triggers, dealing with shadows, and severe depression for the first time in my life. I felt like I was at the bottom of a dark hole trying to climb out and every time I got close to the top and could see a little bit of light, I would fall again. It took almost four months but I finally got out and I see the purpose in all of it. I'm a lot more confident in myself and in my beliefs because of what I've seen and done so please don't come to me and show me a page of a book to try and change what I've seen with my own eyes.

So, how was everyone else summer? What are your thoughts on 2020? There are a lot of people saying its going to be a year of big change and the year that all your hard work is going to pay off and I believe that it will be for the people that are taking the steps. I think sometimes the best way to teach is by example, so in 2020 lets be the change we want to see in the world. Lets talk about unity instead of separation, love instead of hate. What are you doing to create the best you and live your happy hippie life?

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