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...And Wait...

Spring is finally officially here and i'm still hoping to see some warmer weather but for now it looks like the waiting game continues. It seems like the pattern right now is when we do get a warm day (by warm I mean above freezing) it rains or we have thirty plus mile and hour winds so being outside just isn't in the plan right now. My baby plants are happily growing inside under some grow lights and windy, sunny, and 45 turns into 85 degrees in the green house fast so they get to spend some days out there. I picked up some grape plants and a couple of goji berry from Tractor Supply this week and they along with my garlic that I started get to stay in the green house because they are more cold hardy. I'm hoping that the night time temperature will stay above freezing so I can start leaving everything out there until its time to plant, that to me is the official sign of spring. **update** Since starting my blog two weeks ago there is a flat of my cabbage that has been transplanted and is living in the green house full time now. ( i'm starting to get spring fever!)

Every week I call my brother-in-law or he calls me and we talk about the weeks events and have pretty deep gardening and animal raising conversations. We are both the kind of people that are constantly trying to improve what ever it is we are working on or make it more efficient. An example and topic for a lot of our conversations for the last year is our lack of fruit production from our fruit trees. He lives about three and a half hours north of me but we had the exact same results from our trees. That's when I started thinking of the bees, and having my own hives because I thought and still kind of think it could be from a lack of pollinators. I can only remember seeing a couple bees all last summer. An amish guy I buy feed from said that we had a lot of wind late in the spring that blew off most of the flowers, which I guess makes sense too and after research and a meeting I've decided I'll try to attract pollinators instead of keeping bees, I feel like that is a more responsible idea for me at least. A couple weeks ago we talked about starting blueberries from cuttings and if it can be done. That led to me reading a lot of articles and deciding its worth a try. Starting a plant from a cutting is pretty much what it sounds like, you cut a branch off the plant put it in water or some type of growing media and you get another plant, in this case a new blueberry plant. The question when you try it is obviously if it'll work and if the effort is worth the cost. For me most of the time its fun because its an experiment and when it works its pretty exciting to me. I'm also a nature nerd. Last year I hatched one of the eggs from my chickens in an incubator I got off amazon and that started a "I wonder if..." and it worked and now I have a favorite chicken. So yesterday during our conversation we were talking about my plants that I have started and I said that I need to get some beets started and he paused and then said "beets?" Most people don't start root crops early is the reason he questioned it and I didn't until last year. I had a thought, since I use the biodegradable starter pots why couldn't I just start my beets in those and when it comes time to plant I can cut the bottom out and see what happens. Well, what happened was I was harvesting my first row of beets in early June. My brother in law is a pretty old school person, he likes to stick to the tried and true methods for the most part and that's great, there is a reason people have been doing things a certain way for hundreds of years. I, on the other hand, like to challenge the way things are done sometimes. Yes, I make a lot of mistakes, but sometimes I get lucky and things work out.

The old man I work with, I probably should give him a name since I seemed to use him a lot in my stories, but for now I'll leave him generic. I'll give a little bit of information on him though. He is almost 80 years old, comes to work every day and does a good job at what he does. He's owned his own businesses, made some money and has bought a lot of toys, the "American dream". I am an early riser and start work usually around four am and he comes in usually around six thirty, so I use that as my morning break and we talk. He has some great stories, some might not even be true but they are good stories none the less. He has a "to do" list and every day I ask him if he got anything done on it. Up until this week he has said " Well here's the problem, every day I get home and say I'm going to go get something done, I go in the garage and drink a beer and that's it. " I laugh every time and I ask why he just doesn't take a day off and do it. Like I said he does a good job at what he does but we could manage without him for one day a week. This week he took a day and did yard work and yesterday told me how good it felt to get out and work in the yard. I have sort of made it my mission to get him to enjoy the life he's worked so hard for a little, and I think he might be catching on.

My first idea with this blog was as a way to make money. I was going to research a health topic once a week and on Friday I would release a "how to live healthy" blog, gain some followers and hook up with some affiliate links and go. After reading for a couple months it dawned on me that eating healthy your whole like doesn't really guarantee anything, there are actually a lot of people who haven't and still live long happy lives. My focus switched to blogging about being happy, and not just blogging about it but also living it and sharing that thought with the people around me, like the old man at work. I'm starting to live my life kind of like I garden. The tried and true method of work hard and you will succeed is still true but sometimes you have to experiment, some times you have to plant beets indoors and see what happens. Working is trading your time for money. Time you can't get back for money you can make every week, if the nicest day of the year falls on a Wednesday are you going to miss it? "I can't afford to take a day off", maybe you can't afford not to. I'm not going to say you will never see an affiliate link on my blog but I promise if you do it will be for a product or service that I use and really believe in but for now I'll just keep it about spreading a little happiness and maybe breaking traditions a little. Think about it, have a great weekend and do something to build your happy hippie life.


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