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As Unique As You

Garden updates: Beans and tomatoes are the new focus. I keep telling myself that if I just keep up for a couple months I can relax and enjoy all my hard work...however....right now the garden is my second full time job. I haven't really gotten into any real canning until Wednesday, I've been making all ferments so far, but I walked out to the second garden and sure enough that over crowded row of beans decided that they were going to start producing. Over crowded? When I planted my beans I decided to use the row planter that I just got and it dropped 3-7 seeds every 3 inches. Two lessons here, first the planter apparently has some kind of setting to control how many seeds it drops and how far apart. Second when the package says to thin your plants to every so many inches, don't be like me and feel bad for pulling the smaller plants out. Another update I'm not sure if it was the later plant date or the amount of plants or the organic bug control but i'm still getting zucchini and generally the squash beetles have killed all those by now.

I've often said after my doctor checks my vitals "maybe that number is normal for me". What I mean by that is maybe not every person's vitals are the same. I've even over the past few years broadened that idea to maybe every person is unique just in general, from diet to beliefs systems. I personally believe, at the risk of going a little more esoteric, that we are all here for the experience. We live our life on earth, we are given different scenarios to live out to experience what its like. The term "herd immunity" is flying around every where right now. This is an idea that when you have enough people that get a virus eventually there will be an immunity to it. What about our moral code, our sense of right and wrong? Have you ever wondered where that comes from? Sure you can say it comes from the way you are raised, but people in general no matter where they are from or how they are raised have the same idea of right and wrong. I believe there is a collective knowledge and that collective knowledge is what people call god or source or what ever other term you want to use. I'm not saying that god is just a library but that is one aspect. I also believe that we are all an extension of that source, and our experiences here are cataloged when we return and that's how we evolve and learn. I know that went a little far out there for some people so let me bring that back down to earth. So if everyone was eating the same food, singing the same songs, living life exactly the same as everyone else there would be no new experiences.

I've heard very educated people say that humans were never meant to eat meat. I've heard well educated people say that the biggest evolution jump in humans happened when we started eating meat, and I've heard educated people say that we have certain organs in our bodies meant to process meat. The plant based versus meat based debate is a huge topic right now. Its been beat to death and there is a lot of money being made off of the new plant based trend and in my experience when there is money being made you really need to do your research. Anyone remember milk commercials growing up? How great milk is for your body? Why would humans drink baby cow food? Do you think anyone makes money off of these commercials, of course they do. I've personally tried going vegan and it didn't work for me. A lot of people will say that I didn't do it right, I didn't take the right supplements. My answer to that is, what did people do before supplements, or what about people that live where supplements aren't available? I understand the idea of not eating meat for moral reasons too, I have experienced what it takes to get an animal from farm or woods to table. I think if you eat meat you should experience that first hand to gain a little more respect for the animal you are eating. I raise chickens, I give them a safe, warm place to live and I feed them and give them treats and they pay me rent in eggs, it seems to work for us. My stance on diet is to do some form of reset, I personally used keto, which is a very restrictive low carb diet but there are fasts and other things too. Do your research before hand, after your reset reintroduce certain foods and see how your body responds. Avoid processed foods, sugar, and hydrogenated oils. There are people that excel on a plant based diet and some that fail miserably because we are all unique, living different experiences for the benefit of the whole.

I'm going to tread very lightly and briefly on the next subject because these are things that literally start wars. If we all had the same beliefs though there aren't different experiences to learn from. Like diet, with......well I was trying to avoid the actual word but it seems just easier to say it. Like diet, with religion there are some basic rules or similarities. The stories are basically the same, even if you believe in evolution, your creator or god is science. You have a creator, a creation story, and a set of rules and off you go to live your life. My personal opinion is that someone figured out that if they manipulated those rules they could stand to make a lot of money and have a lot of power. I also believe that it is possible to feel drawn towards a certain religion based on your dna passed on from your ancestors. I've always had a fascination with vikings and druids and have a very large book collection based on those interests. I've done a dna test showing a very strong Celtic ancestry so it seems logical to me now. There are some very traditional religions who say that you can't be part of that religion because of where you are from and my answer to that is if you go back far enough we are all from the same place so that is a pretty arrogant statement. Going back to the experience concept it would also stand to reason that in order to experience different perspectives it would be very logical that you would experience life as different races. There is at least one religion that i know of that believes that you have multiple lives and before you go to "heaven" you have to experience every perspective possible and I would identify more with that belief.

One benefit of having a blog is you get to say things that maybe you don't always get a chance to in everyday life. I do it a lot of times to just get things out of my head so i can move on, like talking to a therapist. I also do it a lot because I've always felt like I didn't exactly fit in so there's a part of me that hopes someone reads one of my posts and realizes that we are all different but have probably lived the same experience at some point and being different is OK. We are all different, we like different music, believe in different gods, eat different foods but we are also all the same in a lot of fundamental ways and I believe there is a world in the future where everyone loves everyone else and we all get along. We aren't there yet but maybe just today focus on how we are alike instead of how we are different and maybe today turns into a week, that turns into a month.....a year.......

until next time be nice to one another and live your happy hippie life


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