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Creating Your Best You(Want/Have)

Say affirmations in the mirror before your start your day

It’s official, I planted some of my cold weather plants. The standard official planting day in northern Indiana is mothers day weekend but there are a lot of plants that are more cold tolerant and they were getting pretty big in the green house so it was time. I love this time of year, everything coming back to life, its like a fresh start. I've made a lot of preparations for this summer, one of the major ones was change jobs to give myself time to spend with family and friends and to just free up more time for myself. I don't work Fridays anymore, by choice, and I get a lot of "that must be nice" almost sarcastic comments and my reply is always "yes it is". The people who I hear this from though in general are older people that are retired and choose to work. Some of these people are so focused on working that they make it their top priority and are missing out on things that really matter. For the rest of us though, those of us that still have to work to live, I want to share some thoughts...

When I'm at work I listen to you tube videos, and this week I was listening to a series of videos about manifesting your own life, putting yourself in the right mindset to succeed. I know for a lot of people this might be a little far out there but open your mind a little and at least finish reading. Admittedly, I am not a guru or spiritual expert so I am going to write strictly out of personal experience, a lot of which I didn't even know about until after these videos. This week has been a week of "ah ha " moments for me and even though I know this is some what controversial material I had to share my story from this perspective.

Quantum physics say that everything is made up of atoms, those atoms are made up of particles called quanta. Quanta is energy vibrating at a certain frequency and quanta vibrating at like frequencies attract. At a subatomic level, the particles that form everything are vibrating, so everything is energy in motion, we are energy in motion and we attract the energy we give off. WHAT!?!?? The point to that lesson in quantum physics is simply that you are creating your own life. I have on my logo "create the best you" and until this week I had no idea what I really meant by that, or i knew what I thought I meant but didn't really understand. I have a coffee cup with my logo on it and I've made a point to drink at least one cup of coffee from it every morning as a reminder that my attitude shapes my life, and even those people that I'm around. If you have a great attitude you are going to attract great things and if you have a crappy attitude well guess what. Most people don't even realize they are attracting the wrong energy, and example of this is someone that says "I want to have a lot of money" and work tons of hours to get it. I was this person my entire life until last year. That mindset wont bring you money or if it does it wont ever be enough because you are constantly "wanting". Last year when I changed jobs, my reason for leaving was "Im going to slow down because I don't need to make that much money anymore" That changed my mindset or vibration from a "want" vibration which is actually a negative to a "I have" vibration. You ever notice how the people that win at the casinos are the people that already have money, that's because their vibration is attracting what they already have. Too deep? Let me share my personal story as an example....

The point of this is to show an example of how you can create your best life and not to try to get back at anyone or get sympathy, its part of my personal healing process that is essential to growth. I've been doing meditations for shadow work, which is basically bringing up past traumas, facing them, and letting them go. "recognize, don't react and let it go" One memory that came up was I remembered sitting at the table with a plate of mashed potatoes, I hated mashed potatoes, My step dad at the time was cussing at me and I didn't want to eat the potatoes so he slammed my face into the plate. I don't remember my first step dad, so I texted my sisters to verify my memory and not only did they but they also gave a story of getting lined up and beat with a yard stick and a "one time he beat mom in front of us" story. Another memory I have and I actually remember this and I tucked this deep down but its time to let go so....When I was younger I don't remember the age but around ten maybe I used to hang out with our much older neighbor, which is extremely creepy looking back but i'll explain in the summary section. To keep this post under the short story criteria I'll just sum it up by saying he sexually abused me in our shed, that went on for maybe a year and then abruptly ended.

I want to say again I am not a Dr, I don't hold any special training but I do have experience so here is my diagnosis. Disciplining a child is training them your beliefs in right and wrong behavior. When you beat a child for no reason it causes confusion, they are wanting to do something for the parents approval, they want to be loved. From that "want" vibration I attracted a sexual predator thinking he was a friend and even though I knew somewhere inside of me that what he was doing was wrong, I was liked. What I was doing was the right behavior to have a friend, someone to like me. When it ended, again even though I knew what he was doing was wrong, I was confused, I had no idea what I did. I remember telling outlandish lies in grade school to get the cool kids to like me....

The "want" mindset always leaves you wanting. If you want $1000 and you get it you will want another $1000. If you want to be loved even if you have someone who loves you. you are still looking because you still want. If you use your past to play the victim, that is your vibration and you will be the victim and you will attract predators to continue to be the victim. You are the only person that can change your vibration, you are the only one that can change from "I want money" to "I have money". I have enough money to live and you will. Dealing with your past isn't easy, the point of me sharing is to show you all that I really understand that it isn't that easy. I was pissed off, I cried, but now I look at it as an observer. I see what happened, I accept it and I let it go. If I can help one person I'm happy, that is my goal with my blog. I don't believe the "you have to talk about it to heal" mentality but you do need to let it out, a journal, or blog, I see a lot of comments on social media about people dealing with their issues through art and that's an amazing outlet but find something that works for you that will help you let go. Start thinking about your mindset, what vibration you have. Look at yourself in the mirror before you go out and say "I have everything I need" "This will be the best day of my life", that part is really that simple and I know it works because here I am living my happy hippie life and the best me ever.

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