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The 4th of July for me has always been kind of bitter sweet. I love the holiday part and having time off to spend with family and friends but it also seems like after the 4th the rest of summer flies by and snow is on the ground before we know it. I think about all the things I wanted to get done and didn’t, have a mild anxiety attack, make a vow to do more next year and the cycle continues. Recovering from surgery this year didn't help, and I feel like I"m 6 weeks behind but I'm trying hard not to think too much about it. I'm working hard on trying to live one day at a time and even on one project at a time. As of right now the garden is caught up, I've added some second plantings with high hopes but we will see. Its been weeks since it has really rained so mowing has slowed down to just cutting the clover once a week, it would seem like everything is starting to get back to normal and then, well I'll get to that in a little bit.

I had every intention of having this blog post done last Friday and then I decided to have a garden day. I dedicated the entire day to getting weeds pulled and rows tilled and some second plantings done and it really felt great to clear my head a little bit and kind of unwind. I've mentioned before that gardening is my therapy and that's exactly what I felt like I needed. Then there were some events that happened this weekend that really threw me off and I ended up deleting my entire blog post and starting over, so here we are. The reason I decided to talk about intuition was because the word came up so often that it felt like it was something I was supposed to blog about . I get asked a lot of questions from different people through out a weeks time, subjects from nutrition, to exercise and a lot of more spiritual discussions. Most of the time my answer is "I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to that" . What I'm saying is that when I want an answer I don't ask, I listen for the answers to most of the questions. When it comes to diet, I listen to what my body is telling me. There are times when I eat a more plant based diet because the thought of eating meat literally makes me sick. There are other times where I want an almost rare steak, I'm sure we could break it down and describe exactly what nutrients are missing that are causing the cravings but I just call it intuition, my body is telling me what it needs. Exercise is the same way and I've heard other people say "what works for me might not work for you". This is intuitive exercise. There are basics of course but to really get results you have to listen to what your body is telling you. Spiritually is a little bit deeper, I don't listen to my body but I use my body as a way to communicate through meditation or prayer or what ever you want to call it. You are asking help or guidance from a higher power, God, Source, Spirit Guides or what ever name you choose to use. When I'm struggling with a life problem I like to meditate on it, I'll ask a question, spend at least ten minutes thinking about it and then release it to the universe and wait for answers. Sometimes they come in songs or numbers or even ideas from talking to other people, the universe has a lot of ways to communicate its up to you to listen. When your struggling with a problem and then hear a song on the radio and think wow I really needed to hear that, its not coincidence. I don't feel a need to give a name to my beliefs because I think titles cause separation, and I've never really had strong feelings towards astrology, it just never really resonated with me. To give another example of how I use intuition as a guide, over the past couple weeks I've really started to have an interest in astrology, and I have no idea why but it's suddenly interesting to me. Not the planet names and constellations part of it but more the how they apply to personalities. I have a feeling I might have just lost half of my readers but I'm going with what I'm feeling right now. Everyone knows their sun sign and a lot of people even know they stereotypes of their sun signs but I've started going a little deeper into it and looked up my astrology chart which is based on where the planets were on the time of your birth. I've just started going through it but its a new addiction to me and apparently there is a thing called retrograde and right now there is a mercury retrograde which means right now it looks like its spinning backwards and its causing all kinds of triggers. Believe what you will on that. Another example of the universe sending messages a week after my fascination with astrology I got a totally random message from some one I've known for awhile but never talked to. They are very intelligent and a more logical thinker, typical Aquarius. Well it turns out that they are very into astrology too and we spent the day talking about it.

So the last part of my intuitive nature is the thinking on how to handle problems. If you have a problem you have to talk about it. This thinking is almost a trigger for me because I disagree so strongly. Everyone handles and deals with things differently, that is a fact. One persons problem might not even seem like an issue for someone else because we are all different. For me personally I generally am not some one that wants to talk about things, when my mom passed away I didn't want to have a discussion on how that made me feel. Actually the thought of that to me is ridiculous, but that's just for me. Other people benefit from having someone to talk to, I actually enjoy being on the other end of the table so it seems a bit odd but that's how I'm wired. If I do decide I want to talk to someone, my logical Aquarius moon, I want to talk to some one that has shared the same experience. So if I would someday want to talk about how I feel about losing my mom to cancer, I'm going to look for someone that has also lost a loved one to cancer, and again that is just me. My go to method again is meditation, and its not a quick fix most of the time but I think about the problem, ask for guidance, and let it go and have faith that what ever happened for a reason and it will make sense to me at some time. When I was thinking about writing that earlier this morning and how crazy that could sound to just go out and meditate to heal, I thought of this. If your in a crisis situation mentally and you have two choices, the first choice is you can make an appointment and pay a doctor to listen to what your going through and probably have some techniques for you to help you heal or you can go out side in a quiet place in your yard and pray/meditate and ask God/Source for help and guidance, what would you do? Would you trust a man or the creator? The next time some one tells you they just need to be alone, trust that they are talking to someone with a lot more knowledge of how the universe works than you. Again, if you do choose to see a doctor that to works great for people that need a more physical presents, my hope would be that doctor would be guided by spirit in their approach. I apologize to anyone that didn't want to go quite that far down the rabbit hole of spirituality but like I said, I'm very intuitive in what I do and right now this is what I want to talk about so whether or not you want to go deep down a spiritual path or just want to know what you should eat for supper try sitting down and listening to what your body/mind/soul is telling you to do before you decide and hope what ever you decide will help you life your happy hippy life.


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