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Thanksgiving special

Spending time with family and friends during the holidays should be your priority

Being Thanksgiving morning, more specifically, being 4 am on Thanksgiving morning and I'm the only one awake I thought this would be a great time for a blog post. So, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? To me it seems like there is so much commercialization with Halloween and Christmas that Thanksgiving sort of gets forgotten. The Holiday started with family, new friends, and a huge feast! Sounds like the perfect setting for happiness to me. I think in the modern world so focused on "things" that Thanksgiving gets passed by simply because there isn't enough money to be made. Kids get older, they go to girl friends houses or their in laws, it just seems easier to not make a big deal about it. I get it believe me, we are one of those households where there just seems to be too many other things going on to get the whole family together for a special holiday. With my new focus on living my new happy hippie life though it just doesn't make sense. The loss of both my parents last year has opened my eyes to some new realities that I know a lot of people miss until its too late, I get that. Couple of crazy thoughts here, how about having the in laws becoming part of the family instead of being separated? Does this sound familiar, "we always go to his parents on Thanksgiving" or "well, her parents are having this on this day". Again, I understand, its the way things are but why does it have to be that way? Talk to your kids, throw ideas out there, make an effort to meet new people, you never know you might even meet some new friends. Well enough with the speech, here are my plans for Thanksgiving...

The guests include, My wife, 3 of my sons, one of the girl friends possibly two, my mother-in-law, and my wife's ex, possibly some strays that I don't know about too. Talk about a motley crew! The menu includes, the star of the show and a future blog post, beer can turkey. How do you do a beer can turkey you might ask, well to be honest I can't answer that just yet because I've never tried it but it works for chicken so the theory is proven. I wanted to create something memorable this year not just with Thanksgiving but starting with Halloween, I finally decorated my front yard like I've been saying I was going to for the past six years. Thanksgiving I wanted to try making some memories around a non traditionally cooked turkey, so we will go with a "to be continued" on if its good memories or bad.

I know we all have big plans today so i'll keep this post short. A couple things to think about in closing. In our busy worlds were the judge of a person is how much money he makes its easy to lose track of what really matters in life, kids will grow up and move out on their own and start families, parents and grandparents get older and also move on. Is there anyone you know that doesn't have plans today? Do you have one more space at your table, I'm sure there will be plenty of food. Being truly happy in life includes family and friends, maybe you life is too busy for that right now but maybe its time to start making an attempt?

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. May all your holiday wishes come true and have a happy hippie life!!

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