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The Evolution Of A Blog

Well here we are, the first week of 2019 is coming to a close. The resolutions are being put into motion. People are starting to get back to work and life is starting to normalize again.

My plan for this blog was to finally tackle a difficult but necessary topic, spirituality. I believe that is part of holistic health and happiness but then I started thinking about other things going on in my life and where I wanted to go with this blog in 2019 and I thought maybe I should expand on that. Maybe some of my ideas would help someone else dealing with similar thoughts, because really that is my goal with this blog. I want to put ideas out there and hopefully someone can find something helpful and also I need to get into the habit of writing things down. In a day I can think of hundreds of blog ideas in my head, my mind is always thinking of new thoughts and ideas and new ways of doing things but by the time I get home and sit down I've forgotten most if not all of them. So on my list of things is to buy, a small notebook that I can carry with me at all times, yes I will be that guy that stops you after your finished with your sentence because what you just told me gave me an idea. I've made an attempt over the past few months to live a more casual life, less stress, let go of things that don't have to be done right now, but in doing that I've realized that I've gone to the other extreme of not getting anything done. Finding that happy medium is a struggle for me in anything I do. I wanted to improve my mile time this year, or actually have a mile time is more like it but my second day on the treadmill I pushed too hard and had to skip couple days because I was sore. If any of that sounds familiar to you, know that you aren't alone and this is probably a helpful blog for you, ( insert smiley emoji here)

Enough of my ramblings and back to my point. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I went on a mission to find a way to help save her, I took a class and became a natural health consultant, primal health coach, and three certificate courses on chakras and energy work. During that time she was sick and the realization of the inevitable I started to lose my focus. When she passed away I started thinking about what I wanted to do again and started working on a "business". I wanted to make money helping people, write a blog to advertise, get clients.....

The past few days I've had some thoughts, a lot of spiritual growth and some insights. Have you ever heard someone say " It came to me in a dream"? Well I hate to say it that way but my epiphany came to me in a dream. When you go to the doctors office, that doctor is on a time limit. The point is to see as many patients in a day to make the most amount of money, you can do the research but 15-20 minutes is the standard time. When you or someone you know has a baby, they treat you well while your there but the bottom line is they want you up and out as fast as possible because there needs to be someone else in that bed to pay the bills. My point is, the health care system is about money. Doctors, surgeons, personal therapy, and trainers, the email you get telling of the latest in exercise, at the end of the email and the 20 minute video is a link to their product and I get it. Healthcare and alternative health is a huge market right now, why not jump on board and make money. I have a saying that when your hobby becomes your job it isn't fun anymore. I respect health care professionals, we have a need for them but I want to keep my hobby a hobby. I want to help people, give them helpful information and even coach them to an extent but I have a job that pays my bills.

If your writing a blog or podcast or vlog with the intention of getting rich good luck but you will most likely be disappointed and quickly realize that it takes a lot of time and effort for almost no return for the majority of people. My advice is to keep your job and your hobbies separate. Find a job you enjoy for sure but that is your job, your 40 hours a week or whatever amount of time you have to work to pay your bills, punch out go home and unwind in your garden or wood working in your garage or what ever it is that really makes you happy. If a neighbor sees one of your wood decorative projects in your yard and says they will pay you for one by all means if you want to share your talent with someone else then do it. Don't call your boss and quit your job thinking that everyone will want a decorative rhinoceros in their front yard. We are on this planet for a very short amount of time and it is really easy to get caught up in the rat race money trap, keeping up with the Johnson's but is that really how you want to live your life? Is that really making you happy? I can tell you it didn't do anything for me, well except give me stress. So I'm going to continue to blog about my life and I really hope someone somewhere reads one and thinks "hey that really makes sense". If you see me out on the street and you want to talk about something, I'll make time to listen. Everyone I talk to has said how 2018 was kind of a crap year and are so excited and have high hopes for 2019, well you can't just sit and wait for good things to happen, you have to make them. Lets make 2019 the year we finally make time to go fishing with a friend, start that garden you've always wanted, visited a relative, or take a vacation.

Maybe "Unorganized Ramblings" would have been a better title ?

Until next week, friends, Have a hippie happy life.

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