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Finding Your Bliss

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

"If I won the lottery I would be the happiest person in the world." "Wouldn't it be great if I didn't have to work?" "If I could just sleep one more hour"

Have you ever said any of these things? What is being happy, what does it really mean? As individuals we all have a different version of happiness. Sure there are some basic needs like shelter, food, and companionship but beyond that what does it really take to be happy. When my mom passed away in April from cancer, I went on a personal mental journey to try and make sense of her passing. A lot of times it takes an extreme life event to make people really think and that was my "ah ha" moment. I remember one of the last conversations we had about her wanting to go to Tennessee but "I just never had the time". That sentence will stay with me forever and that was my wake up call.

Here is my Bliss...I wake up every morning around 4 am, I make a cup of bulletproof coffee and I meditate for 15 minutes to clear my head, remember dreams, and to mentally prepare for whatever the day holds. I am not "rich" by the worlds standards, actually I would be solid middle class. By my standards though I am the richest man alive. I have a family, a house, food on my table, a steady income, and enough hobbies to keep my mind busy all day. I'm planning my trip to Tennessee, a tailgate with friends because I've never tailgated before, and hockey game is in the works. My moms words were just another lesson she needed

make your location fun, take advantage of a nice day and have a picnic

me to learn before she left.

So what is your bliss? What is it that makes you happy, gives you a little bit of pleasure during an other wise hectic day? Are you giving yourself that 15 minutes of peace in the morning or are you someone who hits the snooze multiple times until you have 5 minutes to get ready for work? The number one thing I tell people in starting a happy, hippie, holistic life is start a meditation practice. There really isn't an excuse not to give yourself at least 5 minutes of quiet time. Not go get too "woowoo" on you but my meditation time is where the hippiverse gives me most of my ideas. So start today, go online and watch a "5 minute guided meditation", or download an app but start today and stick with it. Another thing I hear a lot when talking about happiness, or more talking about not being happy is "My husband/wife has become so......." or "My boss at work is such an .....", "My friends don't ever....." Are you making excuses on why you aren't happy? Here is a free secret from the primal hippie....You Are Responsible For Your Happiness. If you are waiting for someone or something to make you happy you are doomed to a life of misery. That might sound a little extreme but what starts small can grow and either become what makes you happy or what makes you miserable. Its time to take charge of your life, no excuses. One last example I have to share.."If i lived near the beach..." "If I lived somewhere warmer/cooler..." . This is another excuse I hear on why someone cant be happy. You don't have to live there to be happy, take a vacation. Here is an experiment for you, the next time your vacationing in say Florida. Go into any of your big box stores and look at the employees, are they all smiling and singing songs, or have great golden tans? For the most part the answer is no, and why is that? Its because they have to work there.

So if you want to be happy the choice is really yours, start meditating today, take responsibility, stop blaming other things or people, and instead of blaming your location do some research on your area and find interesting things to do that would be fun, and lastly if you love the beach take a vacation to the beach. Do not wait until its too late, living your best you starts now! Hippie living my friends have a great week!

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